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Food Poisoning WMD

May 17, 2011

I’ve almost made it through another bout of eating a death inducing sandwich at a tourist trap, in a tourist town, which I suppose is the reason the tourists come.

It was just a lowly BLT, fairly safe on the FDA’s food consumption chart of all things safe.  Of course there was the angry bacon and the angrier mayonnaise that the pork product had found itself lying in, just before it all found itself inside of me.

I prefer not to take into account the fact that the human who made the BLT, probably hates tourists worse than I do…but at least I wash my hands and try not to sneeze on their food.

The segregated recyclable containers and I will return soon…in the form of an angrier pretend vegan or something.

Be Vigilant and skip the pork and mayonnaise.

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