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Your Apple is Exposing You to Radiation

May 12, 2011

iPods and airplane rides are exposing you to healthy amounts of harmless radiation…aaaaannnnd your momma dresses you funny.

For news you can use…please head on over to People Magazine and check out what Miley was wearing while shopping at the Sherman Oaks Whole Foods!

For the rest of us, there’s still Fukushima.

Between Donald Trump, bin Laden and the Royal wedding…we’re still getting irradiated by GE’s reactor design and I don’t think Diane Sawyer knows about it?

I get that nuclear meltdowns happen all the time, but shouldn’t at least one of us call Diane and warn her?

Patterns are like the lead poisoned children of the Silver Valley in Idaho.  Patterns keep happening, (see George Nethercutt) we keep ignoring them and humans keep drinking the water in Kellogg, Idaho.  These patterns lead to paths that should be warning us about Congress, the never-ending wars and Texas…but then, we’ve never been too good at staying on track, paths and or focused for more than 25 minutes or so.

This explains how Texas can have Formula One Racing but not teachers.  I think it also explains why the Republican-controlled House Armed Services Committee, has revived the 700 billion dollar F-35 extra engine.  Because GE said so.

But then again, 25 minutes have just about come and gone, so who the fuck knows?

If you need me, I’ll be over at People Magazine checking out Miley’s bags.

Focus people!

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