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Whistleblowing Leads to Talibanarchy

May 11, 2011

It’s true, I heard it on the X!

Actually I read about it at the Exiled, who linked to the lame stream Democrats at the KOS who always lead me back to Glenn Greenwald…because Democratic Underground leaves us fighting and torturing for Obama, God and Lockheed Martin.

If you do wander over to Glenn’s article about WikiLeaks and whistle blowing Talibanarchist’s, you’ll be reminded why we find ourselves, where we find ourselves.

This post translated into English means…blame Al Roker.

When translated into Spanish, this post will tell you that GE reactors don’t work and perhaps you should be concerned about Fukushima, Hanford and or who’s reading this at Boeing.

It’s hump day.  Be vigilant and hump someone.

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