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It’s Like We’re Stupid

May 10, 2011

With the CIA’s main terrorist dead and no longer on the payroll…who are we to fear and or attack now?


The drug wars go well, pot smokers are being attacked daily! Obama is deporting more “illegal people” of color than Bush ever stammered possible!  Oil is in short supply and only getting shorter, which means more war, less solar and drill baby drill!

Obama torture prisons are just like Bush torture prisons.  Obama targets Americans for death, because he decides how to interpret our laws…just like Bradley Manning?

The FBI will not tell you which ATT, AOL or Qwest ‘electronics communication service provider‘ is still spying on us…because we might get pissy and threaten to fart on the couch and stuff.

Cheering the death of bin Laden while not fighting in any of Obama’s wars, is like bitching about the price of rice in Ohio, because Cuba is able to give health care to its citizens, for far less than we spend on fuel for the DoD.

The Vietnam era draft was replaced with Facebook, teevee and foodstuffs we probably shouldn’t be eating.  If the food and Coke don’t kill us…then by God! some CIA created terrorist will!


Obviously, many of our intelligence problems can be traced to our fear of breasts.  Somehow…in the last 30 years or so, breastfeeding became a sexual act, while Similac became ‘the’ gospel act.

Tainted food, Facebook, teevee, the scary mammaries and the Koch.  It’s no wonder that the best many of our youngsters can hope for, is to live at home until they’re 39, join the Army or try to get into the wonderful TSA job training program at Butler.

I got my propaganda, my revisionism and my violence…in high-def

We may be stupid, but it’s all just part of this great nation.
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