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Online Poker vs. Wall Street vs. Signing Statements

April 16, 2011

And take Obama with you.

It’s Saturday in the Homeland, can you tell the difference between an empire ending Teabanger, or an empire protecting Democrat?

How about an empire protecting Republican from a party protector?

We think we can, but of course we can’t.

Bush should have been impeached, tried for his crimes and handed over to the Iraqi’s or the AfPakistani’s.  Now what if the next president were to carry out the same Bush impeaching policies of war, torture and empire building, that drove MoveOn.orger’s nuts with rage during the Bush?

We the Patriot Acted hate evildoers, except for when we’re the evildoers.  Then we’re totally awesome.

So when a TSA agent grabs your 6 year-olds crotch for freedom, blame yourself.  The next time you read about a Pot SWAT Team attacking a family of evildoing pot smokers, blame the Democrats.  The next time President Obama uses Bushesque signing statements to do as he pleases, blame the Republicans.  When the FBI spends way too much time, money and energy attacking the evildoers that run the on-line poker empire, blame Barry Bonds.  When the FBI does not spend ANY time, effort or money attacking GE, Donald Trump, or Lockheed Martin, for doing the same thing the on-line poker evildoers were doing?…

Blame Ariana Huffington.  Or perhaps Bradley Manning?  Glenn Beck?  It doesn’t really matter.

Hopefully NATO won’t go looking to intervene on our behalf, or try saving us from Homeland Security, Congress and those who profit the most from war, fake food and torture.

But if they did, CNN would be there to tell you about it!

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