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Society of Jesus Apologises, Obama Hires Psycho

March 25, 2011

I heard the confused progressives of the Twitterverse were waiting for just one more Bush-like action from Obama, before making the switch from a California Merlot, to a Northwest Syrah.

Their sacrifice is as heartwarming as it is overwhelming.

The Society of Jesus!, Oregon Province, after being caught with their pants down one time too many, has asked for forgiveness and offered a $166 million dollar settlement to more than 500 victims of Jesuit sexual abuse.  Most of this particular group of survivors are First Alaskan and First American.

You know what “they” say, if at first the genocide doesn’t succeed and you’ve run out of places to hide your sexually deviant Priests…

Because one time is too fucking many.

Thankfully President Obama is a master strategist.  He makes no apologies.  War is hell, but since his many wars make a shit load of money for those who profit from them…he might as well hire a CIA/Army/torturing psycho Psychologist, to serve on a new task force called ‘Enhancing the Psychological Well-Being of The
Military Family

That there’s code for…since Mitchell and Jessen got away with it, we might as well see what kind of wine the progressive democrats will drink next.

It’s a good day to be a Bush drunk progressive, no?


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