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The Anchor Babies of Kuwait

March 18, 2011

Or was that incubator?…Goddammit I can’t keep my Teabanger talking points straight!

Guess I’m in good company.

For those of you that can’t remember last week, let alone why we’re still fighting 25 guys in Vietghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq — who are pretending to be the CIA’s al Qaeda-Taliban…allow me to refresh your memory.

It’s the nonexistent incubator babies of Kuwait that, you know, never existed.

We stormed into Iraq back in 90-91, because we were as gullible then, as we are now.  Bush I, Clinton I, Bush II, Obama I and Clinton II later?  We’re still there and we’re looking for more incubator babies in places like North Korea, Libya and Central America. 

If only we’d search for incubator babies in Arkansas, Mississippi or eastern Montana…

For more on why incubators and anchors drive us absolutely stupid, please see the Seattle Times.

Did you click the link Beavis?  If you had, you’d see that the AP and the Seattle Times, would like you to know that Japanese power company officials, along with their counterparts in government and the ‘newkular’ industry…might be corrupt liars.

For grins and giggles, try reading that article again.  Only this time, replace the words Japanese or Japan with America — Tokyo Electric Power Co. with GE or Enron and use the names Bush, Cheney, Petraeus or Obama, instead of any Japanese human mentioned.

Where did our money go? ”  is apparently the rallying cry for all three sides of our political discourse.

I was going to lay out the differences between the three sides, but at this point…there is none.

The BushBama Depression, your state’s budget crisis, your foreclosure and your union free job, can all be traced to the DoD and the securing of the Homeland from people like you and me.

It’s not the anchor and or incubator babies of anywhere.  It is the wars.  They’re Obama’s, they’re spreading and Bush is still free to walk and stammer…anywhere and everywhere, except Crawford.

Some good news though!  The Foo Fighters are looking to play some gigs…in your garage!  Get on it now, before BlackBerry starts seeming to be, much to much like Glee…
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Foo Fighters ‘White Limo’, posted with vodpod

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