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Who Could Have Predicted?

March 13, 2011

Predictions are like President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize…they look great on the mantle, but are best used for belated ‘I told you so’s’.

How could we have known that nuclear power is only clean and healthy as long as it isn’t used?  Who could have predicted Fukushima, Iraq or Vietghanistan?  Who knew that spending tens of trillions of your tax dollars for war crimes, Wall Street, Chrysler and Bank of America…would lead to the Koch Brothers union busting and the Republican uterus wars?

Ishibashi Katsuhiko knew, that’s who.

No, Ishibashi didn’t predict our wars on Islam, common sense or the GOP’s death panels for women with uterus’s…but come on, who is really surprised by the complete lack of a moral compass that is today’s Democratic party?  Dennis Kucinich can’t stop Obama’s wars on the middle class, Islam or Bradley Manning…all by himself.

I predict that bird and view killing wind power, coupled with Military Tribunals for the Bush and Obama administrations, will some day, make for a pleasurable I told you so.

Now watch this devastating video of a wind mill meltdown and ponder the ramifications.

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