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One Thousand Billion

March 2, 2011

One thousand billion in useless Homelandian dollars…does not exactly resonate with us.

Remember when a measly thousand million seemed like a lot of money?  I remember way back when, about 12 years ago…a hundred dollars could buy a weeks worth of food and beer…some gas, about 4 trips to Taco Bell, a couple of video rentals and maybe even some pot.

Getting stoned didn’t get you a prison sentence and you could still hear the words shit, fuck or anal cyst…emanating from your FM radio dial.

Neither Reagan, Bush I or Clinton cared about poopy words on any  ancient Led Zeppelin songs.  Now, the word ‘fuck‘ escaping to the airwaves of the Homeland…might land Eddie Vedder in Guantanamo.

And still Rumsfeld, Bush and Rove, are allowed to walk freely amongst we, the apathetic citizens of the glorious Homeland.

How many thousand’s of billions of our useless dollar does it take…to awaken the apathetic, spied upon sheeple of the glorious Homeland?  It would have to be way closer to one hundred dollars, before many of us sat up and took notice.

A half season strike by the NFL Players Association, or the loss of free porn…now that, THAT would put tens of hundreds of us in the streets!

One thousand billion useless Homeland dollars, is actually one trillion useless Homeland dollars.

Guess how many thousand’s of billions of dollars it takes per year, for the The National Security apparatus to keep you cowering on your couch of freedom…staring at your flat screen teevee…whilst keeping a keen eye out for Mexican Muslims…with your plastic sheeting and duct tape in hand?

It doesn’t really matter.

Stay tuned for more, because later I might remind you about Iraq, Vietghanistan and Pakistan…because Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11.

One thousand billion dollars, might as well be a hundred bucks…for all the comprehending it doesn’t cause.

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