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The Better Bushness Bureau

February 15, 2011

The BBB!  Still being brought to us by the new Bush, better known
as Obama, or the Better Bushness Bureau.

In addition to the steadily deteriorating gene pool here in the Homeland, we keep hearing about deficits.  There are school district deficits along with city, county and state deficits.  Food banks are the new Denny’s, dentists are going broke and still we find time to ponder the Taliban…but not the common sense ban.

Yes the Washington State sector of the Homeland is in a financial crisis.  A crisis so severe, we haven’t seen anything like it since the last time Wall Street made one.

The Seattle Times warns us today, that public schools state-wide, are going to be slashing jobs, closing schools and replacing it all with Bible study.  This will create at least another 3 generations of humans who do not require lessons in science, history or sex ed.  That’s like money in Bank of America baby!

Take the Spokane Public School district for example.  The school district is anywhere from $256 dollars to $18 ka-million dollars in the hole, give or take an Obama…but not a Bush.

You can go here to their budget forecast pdf…and see for yourself.  I can’t make heads or tails of it because I did my public skoolin in Indiana.  The Jesus and marching bands were strong there…and from what I could tell, you were either Bobby Knight or a heavily subsidized corn farmer, or you weren’t.  I’m still in Hoosier therapy.

I may not care to watch Desperate Housewives, but I do know where the money went.  Spokane has spent around $612 million dollars on the wars against Islam…so far.  That more than covers both the Spokane schools deficit and the City of Spokane’s deficit, while giving millions more to the Wisconsin National Guard to just stay home and not invade the unions.

For the rest of the state, the same theory does apply.  Washington finds itself in a $5 billion dollar hole and zee children, zee old people and zee lower classes…ze must suffer!  Boeing and Paul Allen?  Not so much.

Since we the Evergreen State have collectively spent over $26 billion dollars on the BushBama wars…so far…I fail to see why we can’t just take Boeing’s war profits and some of Paul’s Seahawks profits and distribute them to the masses.

I don’t know.  None of this explains or takes into account the secret budgets for the CIA, the NSA or the BP.  Maybe it is easier to just study my Bible and blame Hugh Hefner for pretty much everything.

It’s a hell of a lot easier than learnin math, grammar or how babies
is are made.

Nah, screw Hefner. I blame Purdue.

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