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Idaho is Right Next Door

February 7, 2011

When in Pullman, Washington…Idaho is indeed, right next door.

Since I find myself right next door to Idaho…I shall return to passing along words of importance and other oddities asap.

Meanwhile, ponder our next war zone in Iraq.  It will require yet another 10 to 20 year commitment, so that we may reestablish a Capitalist regime for Starbucks and Jiffy-Lube.  Sure it all seems a bit redundant, but you can’t have a Patriot Act riddled homeland…without first changing the definition of what change is.  First?

For more known knowns and war crimes, see the DoD’s Rumsfeld.

For a decent job go see an Army recruiter.

For more of the Vigilant Lens…it’ll have to wait until I escape from next door to Idaho.
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