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Snooki the Better Judith Miller

January 21, 2011

It had to happen.  Judith Miller would eventually be replaced on the New York Times best seller list…by an author who can fascinate and entertain us, without having to look at whatever it was Donald Rumsfeld kept in his pants.

Not following in Judy Miller’s footsteps, just makes good business sense for an upcoming author like Snooki.  As far as we know, Snooki has not yet outed any undercover CIA agents.  Snooki has also not been regurgitating “inside” information about the WMD’s that are located in Silverdale , Washington.  Snooki has yet to meet with Scooter Libby, Cheney or Ahmad Chalabi.

Oprah’s book club for the poor disenfranchised peoples of the Homeland, gave Judy Millers book: “Germs“, seven Gayle farts out of ten.  Here’s to Snooki getting at least an eight Gayle fart rating!

I’m fairly pessimistic, that Judy will be spending some quality time in a FEMA Camp with the entire Bush Regime, just as soon as Snooki decides to look into some of the lies of our Fathers…from the last 100 years or so.

In related Judith Miller-like news, Reagan was absolutely out of his mind when he asked Oliver North to betray his country…Saddam found out the hard way, that we lie about everything…and…your bailed out GM is creating more jobs in Mexico, because we Homelandian’s just aren’t able to grasp what the hell’s really going on.

Happy Friday peoples.  Be Vigilant and read some Snooki.

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