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Our Best and Brightest are Drunk and Stupid

January 20, 2011

The best and brightest minds of the Homeland are drunk and stupid.

No matter your background, life in the Homeland is really about how often you get drunk, get laid and live to tell your Facebook friends about it.  You then somehow grow up to become the CEO of Blackwater…you rape, murder and pillage the world over for Jesus…then retire to Abu Dhabi and watch a bunch of Muslim porn for the rest of your days.

The career path to hell, via the Rapture?  Yeah…party on!

This is what our best and brightest are looking forward to.  Acquiring fame, fortune and beer, by spending 9 years getting a liberal arts degree at WSU. Pullman today, tomorrow we rule the world!!
And or Hillyard!!

White supremacists from Spokane to Sandpoint…to Bellingham and Tenino, would give their last good tooth, grow their hair out and use a napkin at Taco Bell…for the chance to be Kobe or even Michael Vick.  Not one of them has ever professed the desire to be John Stockton.

I’ll let the psycho psychologists Mitchell and Jessesn decipher that for you…

The only color that really matters is greed.  Greed runs the Homeland and greed runs the world.  Hell!, greed even runs the Vatican.

Spokane is connected to Tucson via the failure of our schools, churches and parents.  

“Don’t retreat, reload.”

The “untouchable” street kids in India have a firmer grasp of fractions, than the vast majority of the Homeland’s high school graduates.  Those “untouchables” also have better jobs.

“Don’t retreat, reload.”

Our best and brightest who study partying at WSU, are not able to see the JPRA West forest for the Camp Nama trees.     

“Don’t retreat, reload.”

Tucson is Spokane, Iraq is Pullman.  White supremacist bomb makers are a product of their upbringing.

Karl Rove is Obama, Bush is a WSU Liberal Arts Major.

“Don’t retreat, reload.”

Palin is Gandhi, Limbaugh is Moe Howard.  The Pope is John Wayne Gacy and Lebowski is the better John Wayne.

We’re in deep shit.  But I went to community college…so don’t fucking blame me.

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  1. jjrad permalink
    January 20, 2011 14:56

    Look here Mr. Some lady fell in a fountain in a mall. That is reel knews. Now she has a lawyer, cause thats da wayy we play in da States. Cover the reel newz like da TV does boyeee. Peace


    • January 20, 2011 16:51

      Well…I hear Steven Tyler rocked the American Idol world…and…married hetero humans suck at marriage, but we don’t want “teh scary gays” to marry? Yup.

      Stay tuned for more news at 1630, 1700, 1800, 1830…the early 2200 edition and 2300. Of course if you gots da cable…you know more than me?

      Beer me!


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