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The Quitter Did Not Twitter!

January 12, 2011

She Facebooked!  Brilliant!

As we read in yesterdays installment of all things retarded…the well armed and slow-witted, did await a Twitter from the quitter and her writer…to knock it out of the park!

It was 4th and goal….and Sarah and her team of brilliant straterjestsstraturgists deep thinkers…went for the three pointer, traveled and her battleship was sunk.

The Queen of the damned spent the better part of a week, trying to come up with something better than survey markers…and all we got was blood libel?

Don’t retreat, Reload!!?  Anybody?  Anyone?….hello?

There are about 297 lessons to be learned from this dark, stupid chapter in the glorious history of the Homeland…of which, only number 69 makes any sense.  That being of course, to never, NEVER mix your sports and board game metaphors, with your mixed messages of shooting people and God’s love.

Sadly, the Homeland will suffer Sarah’s insanity.  For now, Obama will have to run against a somewhat sane member of the Teabanger party, which as far as I can tell, means about 35 more years of war, torture and huge profits for Lockheed Martin.

In related news…the Boy Scouts want their list of pedophile troop leaders to stay secret!  Because if Sarah could be president…why not let us camp with your boys?

Remember patriots, the liberal elites in the lefty main stream media aren’t laughing at you…they’re banging Karl Rove in Florida and well…then they’re both laughing at you.

JPRA West: Camp Mitchel and Jessen

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