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Violent Librulz!

January 10, 2011

Don't drop the soap Tom...

Crafty bastards that those violent liburulzz is, it’s no wonder we find ourselves in global wars against Islam, Marijuana and the
deadly thermos?

You patriots should blame Obama, because he’s as liberal as W was able to pronounce neewkular and marijuana is at least as illegal as Palin’s threats of terror against the conservative Obama.

Most of the violent liberals I know, tend to shop at Costco and vacation in Cabo.

I’ve even heard ugly rumors that a few violent Prius driving liberals, somehow managed to get passed the 9th grade…went on to college, voted for every conservative Democrat offered up…had unprotected sex in college…married her, or him and went on to have a family and a successful engineering career at Lockheed Martin.

Now you know why we’re as fucked up as we are.  It’s the blissfully unaware engineers at Lockheed Martin.

Confused?  Don’t be.  I just became the newest champion of the teabanging elite.  Man are they gonna be pissed.

And lost.

Some good news on the war against the Homelands ruling class…Tom Delay just found himself sentenced to 3 years in “prison” and 10 years probation, for doing what most good Republican Congressman do when faced with a moral decision…Cheat, lie, steal and launder money for freedom.

With good behavior, Tom could be out just in time to reload with
Palin in 2012.

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