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‘Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States’

December 9, 2010


This warning came to Bush without the aid of a WikiLeak.  It came from the CIA and the FBI via Condoleezza’s culpable hands.  This warning also included letters that when put together in the correct order, spelled out airliners, tall buildings and New York City.

All water under the bridge, for today, President Obama is the better Bush.  No WikiLeak is needed to show us this.  Karl Rove, Rumsfeld and John Yoo still walk freely amongst you.  You can thank Obama.

The Bush wars for profit and empire did not end when Obama took office.  Obama widened the theater.

The wars against Mexicans, drugs, education, infrastructure and those who make less than 38K per year, did not end when Obama took office.  Obama widened the theater.

When the millions of Democratic voting Homelandians took to the streets to protest the Bush regime and its renditions, its torture and its wars for Boeing…they felt darn happy with themselves and their correctly spelled signs of activism.

The minute Obama widened the theater with his imperial powers of the President…the second Obama kept Guantanamo open…the second the renditions, torture and dronings continued…those millions of once angry Democrats and their correctly spelled signs of activism, did rejoice and they did return to their Co-op grocery shopping and Rick Steves.

Meanwhile, Obama’s America will not sign the Kyoto agreement, but it will allow BP to flourish. 

Obama’s America creates, nurtures and puts the button of terrorism into the hands of the brown-skinned, yet WikiLeaks is the enemy.

Obama’s America needs to cut back it’s spending on everything from dental care for the masses to state parks…and still the Teabangers and the cable teevee millionaires are the only ones yelling.

Bush conservatives and Obama progressives are in fact, the same people.  Israel is a victim while Kentucky, when left to its own devises…will build theme-park cults and pray for the death of the better Bush.

And WikiLeaks is supposed to be our enemy?

Perhaps when Julian gets free, he should just move in with bin Laden, Erik Prince or a brothers Koch.  They’re all doing quite nicely thank you very much American taxpayer…
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