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Strange Fruit of Conservativism

December 2, 2010

Newt Gingrich is the epitome of good Christian Republicans everywhere.  He’s a lying, fornicating cheater, who’d say anything to get in your daughters pants, while attempting to ruin the Homeland by lining his pockets with gold.  If Newt reminds you of Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin and Blackwater’s Erik Prince…you’d be a perceptive Homelandian.

Newt is calling for the end of the political left.  I’m not sure which is more hilarious, the fact that Newt thinks the Obama-Republicrats are “left”, or that Newt keeps finding new women to fuck him, while his old wives are dying in bed.

Newt’s straight up pimpin!!

Therein lies the trouble with the Homeland.  We’re a pretend Democracy, led by lying liars who’ll force their fake family values down your throat…while building a KKK snowman in their front yard.  Newt and Palin are the Homelands poster twins of fake family values.  

Newt and Sarah are what you get, when a populace are glued to their couches of freedom, watching America’s Next Top Model/Chef/Dancer/Skater/Cleavage, and simply waiting on a winner.  So it really should come as no surprise that we’ll buy whatever fornicators like Newt, Sarah or Kim Kardashian are selling.

This is why Bush and Karl Rove are still free to walk amongst the rich.  It’s also why Obama is free to walk amongst the same folks…but my progressive friends at Democratic Underground, haven’t quite grasped this yet.

I say fuck Newt, if you’re into that kind of thing, then let’s elect Gordon Ramsay and Kim Kardashian and make them rulers of the earth.

The strange fruit of Conservatism.

Democrats are the conservatives of old, Republicans are the self-hating racists, hiding in the closets of the gay Teabangers.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…except for the wars on life, the planet and common sense.

Take Olympia, Washington’s newspaper of record, conveniently named the Olympian, as to not confuse the slow readers of Thurston, County.  The Olympian is a wonderful example of the horrific side effects of fluoridated water and the failure of Sarah Palin’s chosen field…journalism.  The Olympian asks Governor Gregoire to stop waiting and to act on Washington State’s budget troubles.

The trouble with the Olympian and as it turns out…Tribbles, is that they fear contraception, the pretend left and have no use for getting at the truth.  The Olympian demands that Governor Gregoire fix the budget by ignoring the really, really expensive and illegal wars against Islam, your Social Security and by never taxing the rich their fair share.

Strange fruit this Conservatism.

We can’t conserve anything by killing Muslims.  There will be no conservation of the environment, because Monsanto is run by pretend leftists.  Groping your child at the airport for bombs, AK-47’s and chemical weapons…only creates depressed children, who will one day hate us for watching so much teevee.

President Obama is so far above and beyond the level of the idiot Bush at being a Republican, that the GOP should be publicly fellating him, instead of hating him for his skin color.  Obama is better at killing Muslims than W, he’s a better friend to the Pentagon, Boeing and Rapiscan than W. was.  Hell…Obama even hates the non-existent and pretend left-wing of the Democrats!

If Bill of Rights rapists like Newt Gingrich get any more power, we might as well bow to the awesome cleavage of Palin, sit down on our couches of freedom and wait for the Erik Prince rapture for the rich.

It’s called the American dream, because you have to be
asleep to believe it

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