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Trick or Treat

October 31, 2010

Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction have not yet been located in Silverdale, Washington, or at the Blue Grass Army Depot in Kentucky…because no one has taken the time to find them.

Your Bush economy is dying in Obama’s Pentagon, because no one has taken the time to start a draft.

The Washington Post is the reason no one is looking at, or for…anything, because the Pentagon is writing the Post’s articles for them.  On October 24th, Gregg Miller reported that the Obama surge in Vietghanistan, has not lived up to the epic failure that was the surge of Baird.  Today, the Post’s David Broder tells us that the best way for us to recover from the Bush Depression, is for Obama to start the next phase of the war on Iran.  Throw in the 3 billion dollars spent on this seasons political ads…and you’ve got one hell of a trick.

Or treat?

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