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Old Door Evolution

October 21, 2010

Evolution makes some humans buy Ford F-350’s.  Evolution makes other humans drink Bud Light Lime.  When too many F-350 drivers and girlie flavored Bud drinkers get in the same room together…evolution does indeed become just a theory.

Now you know why NPR is the latest spawn of Satan and or Muslimey terrorist tomfoolery.  It’s the girlie flavored beer.

I’m curious though…If I were to declare on the teevee, that I get “nervous” and “worried” at airports or Starbucks when I see white people there, would Fox News also give me a 2 million dollar, 3 year platform from which to spew shit flavored news I pull out of my ass?

In yesterdays Homeland, it was the crimes of wiretapping and government burglary that set Daniel Ellsberg free.

The dangerous Daniel Ellsberg

In today’s Homeland,  wiretapping and governmental burglary go hand in hand with the F-350 driving, lime flavored girlie beer drinkers.  A retarded evolution if you will.

Retarded evolutions come and go, but 5000 year old doors that kept the dinosaurs out of our homes…only come along, like every 5000 years
or so.

Thanks everyone!  I’m here all week…

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