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A Second WWF Earth

October 13, 2010

I knew there was something more to Avatar than just Kevin Costner and us humans sucking the planet Pandora dry!  I totally missed that part in Avatar where wrestling and Senator Linda McMahon save our slow-witted asses, by telling us to move to a second Earth.

Well played Mr. Cameron, well-played.

In unrelated news, some smart guy in Utah, has found that all of us Earth murdering idiots are related.  Palin is related to Obama and Obama is related to Limbaugh…via a common ancestor, who was a “large land owner” in Virginia, back in the 17th century.

I’ll give you Palin fans 113 guesses as to how the Obama/Limbaugh ancestor was able to become…a Obama/Limbaugh ancestor…and 48 more guesses as to whom the Obama/Limbaugh ancestor was using to work on his land…in Virginia…in the 17th century.

To make matters even more confusing for the Obama relatives from Wasilla, Jesse Ventura in “rare WWF” form of old…called Sarah a quitter, Linda McMahon a whore and Todd Palin a stupid little bitch.

Wow!  I’m shocked, speechless and am in need of a beer…or 12.

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