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Nightmares From my Father

October 7, 2010

Nightmares from My Father: A Story of Lies, Death and Torture is a not yet completed memoir by Malia and Sasha Obama.

The Obama girls are taking notes and shopping for a publisher before the nightmare has ended, because you can never be certain of when the Army will attack us with Anthrax again.

Malia and Sasha will hear the accusations of the racist Teabangers and the corporate owned Republicans, but they will not learn of the corporate owned Democrats complicity, until after the next 9/11.

The Obama girls will never know poverty and they’ll never know the pain of a mouthful of cavities.  They will never suffer through every excruciating bite of a diabetes inducing-public school lunch and they will never witness their dead and bloated loved ones…float by in a flood of a centuries old hatred.

Malia and Sasha are the smart, beautiful daughters of two intelligent humans, who themselves are living proof that nothing ever changes.

The Homeland is only 200 million voters away…from the Obamas having to ride at the back of the bus.  Those who voted for change, were equally canceled out by those who voted for the return to a trickle down, Reaganesque society of segregated public transportation.

The Homeland is only 300 million voters away, from figuring out that the FEMA Camps for dissenters are not real.  Irony tells us that Boeing, NBC News and trans-fats…are the real concertina wired camps that keep us in line.

The Homeland is only another 500,000 person march for peace away…from nothing happening.

Common sense teaches us, that the Homeland could not withstand a moderately attended Lady Gaga concert, from storming the various gates of the freedom oppressors.  Isn’t that ironic?  Don’t you think?

The Obama girls will some day learn the truth about the truth.  They’ll have a story to tell and my only hope is…that they can tell it from the front of any bus they choose.

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