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Masturbation Kills Angels?

September 9, 2010

I’m still trying to sort out the masturbatory message, hidden in Christine O’ Donnell’s scary story of masturbating adultery.  I think Cristy is trying to say that masturbation is more evil than Senator David Vitter…but go ahead and squeeze one-off for Sarah Palin?  I don’t know.

The Teabangers live by their own retarded moral compass.  Up is down and Bush’s gutting of the Constitution for glory and profit, is sooo much better than when a black man does it.

Apparently, all Teabanger’s dream of Palin masturbating for Jesus, while Christine watches.  It’s just sort of odd, to me anyway, how masturbation is now worse than blowing up children in their homes, because Obama is the better Bush and his state secrets work harder at covering up torture and illegal war crimes, than Bush’s did?

The moral of this story is…either masturbation kills angels, or I’m more confused than Christine is.

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