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Decision Points of the Brush Cutter

September 7, 2010

This November, the autobiography of George W Bush will be on bookshelves and Kindles everywhere…translators will be standing by.

You can bet your last useless dollar, that George’s book will be an entertaining and thrilling roller coaster ride of a read, chock full of interesting, monosyllabic adventures of incredible incredibility!

An entertaining read!  A Thrilling roller-coaster ride of monosyllabic adventures!!”  “The Vigilant Lens gives it 4 Crescent Moons of Islam!!”

My pals in Ireland threw eggs and shoes at Tony Blair and his book tour of lies.  Tony canceled his next stop.

A Vigilant hint to my marching around the block with signs buddies, at UFPJ and their co-marching marchers…skip the DC parade in October and throw eggs in November.

Save some trees, skip the witty anti-war signs and take 30,000 friends to Moyock, North Carolina and surge upon Blackwater.  Scrounge together 129,000 citizens and eat lunch in the CIA.  Attend a Bush book signing event or take over NBC news.  Inhabit the New York Times.  Sing Joan Baez songs at Ted Nugent’s house.  Skip the next Mariners home game, bring 60,000 people to protest the WMD’s stored at Bangor.

Boycott Budweiser until marijuana is taxed and sold at Target?

Always remember and never forget, if George W was just protecting us from Dick Cheney, then so was Leonard Peltier.

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