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The Government Cheese was Spiked

August 17, 2010

Government Roofie

I’m certain the government cheese, powdered milk and other surplus foods that my steel mill working family ate, while spending years on strike, were indeed spiked with Rohypnol.

Roofie cheese was great with old eggs, powdered milk and Reagan’s trickled down handouts for the rich.

Now the government cheese eaters of my generation have children.  Those children eat the government cheese of today…the GMO grown, High Fructose Corn Syrup spiked foods of the Homeland.

In other news meant to further inform you, 30,000 people turned out for government housing that was not available.  A young mother in Florida was arrested for photographing her infant with a bong and some of the “destroyed”  CIA torture tapes of freedom…were found under a desk at the CIA.

Fox News gave one million dollars to the GOP and the war president will today, do the same for Patty Murray…

If George W. Bush or the CIA’s George Little posed an infant with a bong, would they then be arrested as war criminals?

Remember and try to quickly forget — 9/11 and a decade of wars for Boeing and the Pentagon occurred, because some Saudi’s with box cutters hid Saddam’s WMD’s by attacking post offices and Democrats with Army Anthrax.

The government cheese…was spiked.

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