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You’re Getting Sllleeeeeepy

July 28, 2010

Very slleeeeepy…and bam!  You’re a former middle class American with a job, you really miss Felicity, ER, Hootie and the Blowfish and you truly believe that Rachel was into gay, whiny men named Ross.

While we’re at it, the oil in the Gulf of Illegal Mexico is GONE!  Vanished!  Vanished and or devoured by magical oil-eating microbes that can eat 5 million times their weight in black gold!

Also…the reasons your FBI can’t catch ‘alleged Saudi pilots in training‘ like Colton Harris-Moore, let alone war criminals Karl Rove and John Yoo, are many.  FBI agents who’ve been cheating on their surveillance tests, are definitely not one of the reasons for not catching ‘alleged Saudi pilots in training‘.

And furthermore…sleepy ones, the wars will end when the children and the grandchildren of Bush, Cheney and the Obama’s, are threatened with being sent to Vietghanistan, Iran or Pakistan.

When I clap my hands, you will awaken from your slumber, vote for Norm Dicks and then go back to sleep.

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