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It Does Take a Rocket Scientist

July 21, 2010

Another day, another trillion dollars deeper in debt, because Frappuccino’s are good.

Another day, another fake controversy, another victim of color.  The USDA is ACORN in Islam-Atheist clothing!!

Another day, another war on you.

Another day and there are no wars against racism.  There are no wars against stupid.  There are no war criminals in prison, because war criminals only exist elsewhere.

The wars on education, brown-skinned humans, the environment, food, plants we can smoke and common sense…go very well.

The sun splashes all around us, flat surfaces cover every building we breath in…yet there are “only 3” solar panels in the entire Homeland.

Fear splashes all around us and Palin porn is readily available on the Google.

Fear makes corporations billions, Frappuccino’s are good and your neighbor might kill you in your sleep.

Happy Wensday fearful ones…and as per usual, when I say Wensday, I usually mean Wednesday.

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