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Rangel of the Dangle

July 17, 2010

WikiLeaks is set to attack the Homeland again, because we the citizenry are busy fighting Mexican drug lords and searching for real Sarah Palin porn.

In reality, the Homeland is full of tattooed couch warriors who fear rodents, spiders and multilingual women who stand over 5’7″.  When China actually invades and occupies us, we will rollover like Jack Twist in a tent.

The small percentage of those actually engaged in fighting Obama’s Bush wars, are pretty fed up with you flag draped couch patriots…so we get WikiLeaks and Homeland raping agencies of false protectionism.

The wars on us include the well known battles against marijuana, nude beaches and seat belt scofflaws.  Logically, this has led us to the battles against farmers who hate chemicals and bloggers who use words.

The FDA and your FBI when not hunting terrorist oil well owners, are now hunting raw foodists and shutting down WordPress word writers.

And not a moment too soon, because I’ve got some breaking news for you!…Starting Monday, the Pentagon is working with Rep. Charles Rangel to restart the draft and they’re reportedly starting with tattooed couch warriors in California, Texas and Arizona, who fear multilingual tall women, rodents and those whose names begin with the letter…


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