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Crazy is a Two-Way Street

July 3, 2010

Yesterday I spoke with crazy.  While crazy appears nuts on the surface…it’s under the surface where insanity runs the show.

Crazy told me that Obama was a Muslin who hailed from Kenya.  I told crazy that Obama was not a fabric or a Kenyan, but that Obama was just a whole lot better at being Reagan, than Reagan ever was.  I then invited crazy to check out Jo-Ann Fabrics if he doubted me.

Crazy then told me that Obama was a Marxist who wanted to enslave all the white people, via immigrating brown people.  I told crazy that the FBI had been tracking the bad brown people who attacked us on 9-11…they knew their names, their plans and then we invaded Kuwait with Starbucks, because they outed the CIA’s Saddam back in 1991.

Crazy looked concerned.

Crazy then told me that I was just a bleeding heart liberal, who probably watched PBS, hated freedom and Sara Palin’s morals.  I told crazy…that PBS was like NBC on lithium and that freedom was indeed not free, because…freedom actually resided on a 1980’s floppy disk that still sits in a desk drawer, at an abandoned K-Mart store in North Dakota.

Crazy appeared puzzled and reiterated that I hated Palin’s morals.  I told crazy that I liked Sarah’s tits just fine.

Crazy said that well, Obama was still black and that I should pray that Pelosi didn’t get her way.  I told crazy that Obama was indeed black and that perhaps crazy should pray that Pelosi stopped getting her way…because Pelosi would keep funding Obama’s wars and ignoring our war criminals, when Hillary Clinton stopped being ironic.

Crazy was silent.  Crazy looked me in the eye, turned and went back to work at Fisher Communications.

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