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The Answer? Grab a Ladder Smartass

June 15, 2010

The question?  How fucking difficult can it be to put some solar panels on every roof in the Homeland?

We can eavesdrop on every email, phone call or blog post that contain the words Cindy Sheehan or bin Laden bought Bush his chain saw, but we can’t put some flat panels on several hundred million flat surfaces?

We can have physicians and psycho psychologists assisting the CIA/Blackwater and General McChrystal’s boys in experimentally torturing humans for God, country and Obama, but we can’t save a few kilowatt-hours from being burnt in a coal plant, by inconveniencing a few roofs?

Murders at Guantánamo are covered up by everyone from Colonel Mike Bumgarner to the entire Bush and Obama Administrations…yet we can’t handle socialistic free health care or BP killing solar panels?

How about that $700 billion dollar U.S. embassy in Baghdad that costs over $1.5 billion per year to keep the latrines working?  It at least all runs on solar, right?


Yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought.

Well alrighty then…thank Jesus we still get Lingerie Football!!

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