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Smiles Everyone, Smiles!

May 28, 2010

The Homeland is a glorious island that is steeped in history, sex, drugs and rock- n-roll fantasy.

Tattoo!  Fetch me something refreshing and kindly remove your little hands from your pants.”

Mr. Rourke is a pimp who sells fantasy for profit.  Mr. Obama, the Pentagon and your corporations of the glorious Homeland, are the freeloading Tattoo, who carry out the fantasies that we buy.  Yes, they also have freaky little hands that are frequently shoved down someone else’s pants… because fondling ones self is a sin.

Fantasy was hard to sell at first, but slavery and the industrial revolution helped.  Now we are left with war crimes, big media propaganda and our racist ways of days never really gone by.

Happy Friday my dear guests…welcome to Fantasy Island!

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