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It’s all About Their Precious Bodily Fluids

May 25, 2010

Still not telling

The Fuhrer over gay humans serving openly in the military has almost reached its zenith.  Its almost come to an end and is awfully close to reaching its predictable, weak climax of wasted time, energy and precious bodily fluids.

Anyone who has served in the military knows that the branches are full of gayness.  There’s lots of shining of objects, medals and guns, with more than enough time spent in intimate “bonding” situations with buddies.

Most of the zero’s are gay, half of the E-7’s and above are gay and as all veterans of the real branches know…the Navy and Coast Guard are entirely made up of gay humans.

This is my weapon, this is my gun, ask General Hayden and you’ll have some fun!

But seriously folks, the don’t ask don’t tell controversy is a made up one.  Most of the Homelands of the world have always fallen victim to the seduction of the gayness.  Christians and Muslims hate em with a kinky passion…and apparently, global warming, BP and the terrorists at Hanford will not be blamed for killing us.  Gayness and the placement of precious bodily fluids will conveniently shoulder

all of the blame.

The DADT controversy of precious bodily fluids, keeps us busy with how, where and with whom those bodily fluids are shared.  If we were as concerned about famine, education, our war criminals and Arizona’s water supply…as we are about precious bodily fluids and WTF really happened on Lost, I think we’d be a happier, guilt free Homeland.

The CIA has been operated from the rear for decades.  General Michael Hayden can tell us a thing or two about that, but he’d have to have someone kill us after he was through.  The CIA employs their weapons of gayness any chance they get.  Wonder why they’re in everybody’s business, killing, peeking, probing and spying?  Wonder no more.

It’s not really about where “we” put our precious bodily fluids…it’s all about where the powerful put theirs.  Nancy.

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