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Dances with Petroleum

May 24, 2010

Kevin Costner saved baseball and golf.  Kevin has also saved the Lakotah, Maid Marian, the Postal Service, water and the tall blue alien Lakotah in Avatar.  I know this, because I watched him do it on the big screen for about 16 dollars per saving.

Kevin is again ready to save us from ourselves.  This time he will be using his awesome water cleaning machine, which will cost just a bit more than an Avatar ticket and a six-dollar bag of GMO laden popcorn.

So let me see if I’m understanding this correctly.  BP, the Pentagon, Congress and Blackwater can rape, murder and pillage their way across the Gulf of Mexico or anywhere else they desire, because we condone it with our driving habits and shopping preferences?  Then all we get in return is earth ending corporate disasters, wars for Boeing profit, the Nature Conservancy and Enronesque political pimps like Dino Rossi?

And Kevin Costner is the only human who can save us?

I don’t know who drew up that business plan/screenplay, but
it’s fabulous!!

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