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Expect the Expected

May 14, 2010

Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition.  Everyone expected the Homelandian Inquisition.

As with most Inquisitions, our Monarchs are attempting to convert the Muslims to Christianity by imprisoning them, torturing and or raping them and then by occupying their lands for our profit and glory.

Those who still disagree with our methods, usually end up dead, or introduced to British Petroleum and Halliburton via Democracy.  Damned if you do…

Which brings us to today’s news update of the totally unexpected that we actually expected.

The 40 year war on drugs?  Failed like a Representative Brian Baird surge for Iraqi freedom.  The failed war on drugs has cost a trillion dollars, killed hundreds of thousands and requires no exit plan because there is no end in sight.  The failed war on drugs relies heavily on the failed General Petraeus counterinsurgency field manual, pages 29 and 942 respectively.

So not unexpected!

Oil is in everything.  From hair products, to all of our Wal-Mart products to our vehicles of freedom and Twinkies.  So in a corporatist kind of way, it makes sense that the Gulf of Mexico is now void of life, but full of oil.

Not exactly what I expected, but since Texas is located on the Gulf…no big loss.

Speaking of illegals!  The honey bees are disappearing and with them, pretty much our entire agriculture system that has not yet been ruined by Monsanto and it’s chemical/pesticidal foodstuffs of death.  Thank Arizona when we can no longer grow apples, grapes, marijuana or spines.  Fucking illegal bees anyway.

Expect the expected, except when you least expect it.  I mean really, what did we expect?

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