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Pay for the Wars Day

April 15, 2010

Today all across this great Homeland, roughly 2472 citizens of said Homeland will be protesting the Bush Depression, because there is a black man in their white House.

Later tonight, 2469 of these patriots will go to the tubes and wires of the internets in search of Sarah Palin nipples, Sarah Palin naked and Sarah Palin porn.

Two of today’s Bush Depression protesting patriots, are actually FBI agents and one is al Qaeda.  But they’ll also be searching for Palin porn.  It all makes perfect sense.

For the rest of us, today is National Pay for the Wars Day.  This translates in English to, we’re really gullible and slow to react to things.

These things that we are slow to react to, are taking our jobs, homes, cars and access to free porn on the semi free tubes and wires of the internets.  Some of these things hide in plain sight and have names.  These names rhyme with Boeing, Wal-Mart, the Pentagon, Massey Energy, Bank of America, Lehman Brothers and AIG.

Lets have ourselves a patriotic Vigilant Lens recap.

  • It’s the wars, stupids.  Not humans of color.
  • Got tax day blues?  Hate Democrats, Republicans and people of color?  It’s the wars stupids, and you.

Happy Pay for the Wars Day and a gift for you patriotic tea bangers…shop here early and often!

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