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Florida, an MG Masquerading as a Ferrari

April 12, 2010

Mia Sara!!

Oakland Park, Florida has went and got themselves a new ordinance.  Buy a trinket from a homeless human or dare respond to a “beggar” with your useless U.S. currency…and you may find yourself being fined and or jailed. “Beggars, panhandlers or solicitors” will not be allowed to sell any item on a public street because it “distracts drivers from their primary duty to watch traffic and potential hazards in the road.”

This coming from the hot shit hole of a state that gave the beggar/panhandler/solicitor, George W. Bush…the entire empire, via some spare change, Katherine Harris, hanging chads and the Supreme Court.

Thanks for everything Florida.  The Homeland, 9/11, the wars for “cheaper oil” and opium, the Bush Depression, Fresh Del Monte Produce, The Geo Group and Latham & Watkins.  Your pesticide covered oranges are alright…but you can keep the rest.

Florida!  Just an MG masquerading as a Ferrari.  Or something.
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