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Seattle TeeVee Saves the Decade!

April 11, 2010

The Belo Corporation has done it again!  Their King 5 News! are blowing their own horn and basking in the light of a collective, journalistic yawn.  Go here, read more and my hat and pants are off to you King 5, because we all know how hard it is to blow ones own horn.

When King 5 and Belo are not pretending to save the decade from state ferry workers and Nadine Woodward, they’re also not saving us from their pretend journalism.  As King 5 will breathlessly remind us, they saved us taxpayers millions of dollars by fucking with Washington State Ferry captains and their underlings…who you know, operate those big boats and keep us dry and stuff.  Thanks?

Really King 5, if you want to screw with state workers and wasted time, resources and money, allow me to introduce you to Washington State Parks.  Click the link, throw a dart at the map.  Your welcome.

Wait King 5, there’s more!

Take a look into our states 2.8 billion dollar, Bush shortfall.  The state legislature is going to pass a new tax on beer, pop, candy, water, marijuana and porn that will raise an estimated 150 million dollars.  We’re 2.8 billion in the Bush hole, thanks to George Bush.  150 million is like…like fucking with Washington State Ferry captains!

Here’s the rub King 5.  We here in Washington State, have paid 24 billion dollars for the never-ending Bush/Obama wars on brown kids and their parents.  That’s 24 billion, so far.  2.8 billion in the Bush hole.  24 billion spent on the Bush/Obama wars and counting.  Huh.  Weird.

Try reporting on shit like that, Belo Corporation.  Then watch Dino Rossi and Norm Dicks grow silent.

Keep digging deep King 5, then send me an email.  There are so many healthscare/torture/fake wars/trillion’s for Boeing and Halliburton stories out there to be told…I could fill you in on a few of them.

Here’s me, holding my breath.

I’ma set it straight this Watergate…
Oh my God it’s a mirage…
I’m tellin y’all it’s Sabotage!

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