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I Can Has Enemies?

April 6, 2010

Smog of Apathy

As Teabaggery is to socialist paved roads, pictures of cute cats are to apathetic testicles.  It’s the apathetic testicles of the Homeland, that are responsible for our wars on brown kids and truthiness.

What are we fighting for?  Freedom, testicle usage and Jesus!

Who are we fighting for?  Boeing, Walmart and opium based alkaloids!

What else are we fighting for?  The continued availability of free porn, cute cats and the right to be shielded from real media!

No wait…the who is Jesus, Obama and Halliburton.  The why is yellow cake tipped missiles in Haiti, laced with the whitey/freedom hating drug lords of Mexico, who might also be coveting your wives and your jobs at Home Depot.  All of this coupled with President Clinton still working feverishly behind the scenes…to strip us of our weapons and God-given rights of lots of other stuff…

One can see where we would tend to drive any half-assed war lord, worth his CIA paycheck, fucking nuts.

Small minds, small freedoms.

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