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Pillow Fights are Safer Than…

April 3, 2010

Saftey First

Pillow fights are fun and much safer than say…joining the Army.

Pillow fights are safer than being a brown-skinned human who just happens to live beneath the flight path of a Boeing drone.

Pillow fights are safer than President Clinton taking away all of our guns!  He might still!!!

Seattle pillow fights are safer than being a transgendered Washington State AG, who fears healthscare and pork tacos.

Pillow fights are also much safer than the meth lab in your kitchen, deep-fried meat, Denny’s Restaurants or the upcoming draft for the never-ending corporate wars on stuff.

If I were cuter and a girl, I’d be such a Debbie downer.  And a bitch.

Now grab a pillow and watch Rico.  He’s 62 now.  And safe.

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