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It’s the Wars Stupids

March 24, 2010

State Ag’s from all across the Homeland are now ready to sue to end the Healthscare 2010! law.  In my state, we have the dishonorable AG Rob McKenna, who is nothing more than a Dino Rossi in BIAW clothing.

In English for the slow-witted, that means they’re lying, sad sack motherfuckers, who love Jesus, money and power, when it suits them to.  And as we all should know by now, it always suits them to.

NO ONE wants to pay for education.  No one wants the government telling them where to stick their sex parts.  No one wants to sit around all day watching teevee and loading their guns of freedom, while praying that they can squeeze a shot off at a Democrat or a ‘Muslin.’  No one wants to fight in the wars that they condone by their apathy.

And yet…

Sarah Palin is getting over a million dollars an episode from the Discovery Channel, to show us around the state that she quit.  Bill Gates wants to invest kabillions in back yard nuclear reactors, that run on nuclear waste and yet create no new waste, because he can.  Bill and Sarah do not want to stop the bleeding at its source.

The femoral artery of the Homeland has been blown open by a Congressional IED…and we’re bleeding out.

Think of your Pentagon and our endless wars on the evil doers.  Think of the CIA and its black budget.  Think of the $12 billion dollars in cash…that we sent to Iraq on a magical, disappearing pallet of freedom.

Where were the State’s AG’s of the glorious Homeland, when Bush and his Republican criminal cohorts, raided your mason jars full of savings?  Right now, those same state AG’s sit by and watch, as their schools close.  They maneuver political, as war crimes continue.  Where were these State’s AG’s when Bush stripped Lady Justice and raped her while Rumsfeld watched?

They were busy attending Klan rally’s and feeding on freedom fries…while hunkered down during Alert Level Mauve’s and dreaming wet dreams of the hunt for humans of the illegal brown variety.

It is the wars, stupids.  It’s also the lack of learnin’ the difference between a weapon and a gun.

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