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North Korea is a Homeland Too!

March 18, 2010

North Koreaish

North Korea may have executed their Executive Finance Chief.  What the hell is wrong with those back woods hicks?

Got me thinking though…

Okay, so lets say you’re the leader of a mythical homeland.  As the leader of this homeland, you have extraordinary power at your disposal.  There are Patriot Acts, private armies, FISA’s, black budgets, useless virtual fences and body scanners too!

This homeland is involved in multiple fake wars on stuff, the torture of POW’s, kidnapping and the false imprisonment of fake enemy combatants.  To make matters a bit trickier, these fake wars are directly responsible for a serious, homeland ending financial situation, that you must deal with by…inventing and fighting even more fake wars on other stuff.

Millions of the citizens of your homeland can not afford rice, have no health care and are on waiting lists of shame, as they wait for their 3rd Wii.

The infrastructure of your homeland is in disrepair.  Your lead-lined water mains are held together with gum and cardboard, in a desperate attempt to keep the poisoned drinking water from leaking out and contaminating the surrounding environment.

Nuclear energy and clean coal, are the best new energy ideas you can come up with.

Cults run rampant and your politicians are self-serving and corrupt.

The media is owned by two or three corporations.  These corporations make billions of dollars by building better wars and then reporting on them for you.

Super secret intelligence agencies require billions of dollars to keep the citizens of your homeland under surveillance.   Billions more are required to ensure death and destruction, visits those who oppose the homeland and her foreign policies.

Laws are selectively enforced.  You have armies amassed at the borders to keep your produce workers/drug delivery humans — out and a secret gulag system to house the very same worker/delivery people — in…that you pretend to want to keep out.

Your military is based all over the globe and is ready to protect the homeland.  Your military also has self-esteem issues, due to its inability to win any of the wars that it starts.  It even fears it’s own citizens of your homeland, because citizens of homelands are not to be trusted.

You have fusion centers.  These fusion centers are staffed with local, state and homeland law enforcement and seated right next to them, are military and corporate personnel.  All of whom are gathering information on citizens and blogs that use words like…fusion.

You can’t say vagina on teevee in your homeland.  Even during a tampon commercial.

Damn!  I’d hate to be the leader of that mythical homeland place.  It sounds all crazy dysfunctional and North Koreaish.

  1. March 18, 2010 17:31

    Good news Re: the Fake “War on Terror”

    Thought police technology can keep us safe from compliant, predictable, well behaved terrorists. The rest will just blow themselves up as they approach the screening van.

    Closer to home-

    The secretive US Dept. of Homeland Security no longer conducts checkpoints on the Olympic Peninsula.

    They are staying busy with matters unrelated to national security.

    We’d see more about it in the press, but they no longer seem to involve themselves with investigative journalism.


    • lens1 permalink*
      March 18, 2010 19:03

      Yes, those long forgotten checkpoints of freedom, better known as Operation harass a Mexican and or any other suspicion-less looking brown skinned human from points…beyond Sequim?

      Operation Stonegarden was their real objective and all we got was their stupid video they made in Port Angeles and the child rapist Agent Giuliano.

      Perhaps they were also hoping for a Boeing billion dollar virtual fence, that doesn’t work, up here as well?

      Agent Bermudez is rarely heard from anymore, agents are now relegated to driving around, one agent, one vehicle, looking for terrorists in tourist towns and state parks and assisting local LE with shoplifters…because they got nothin better to do.

      If “we” were able to shut down their checkpoints for freedom…what might a real terrorist outfit, like say Blackwater, be able to do with all these Mexican hunters around?

      Can they speak Farsi yet? Just Spanish? Yeah…

      Thanks Alex



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