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Clinton’s Parts were Teabagged

February 24, 2010

How do we know this?  Because Ken Porn Starr told us so, in some of the best porn ever written.

Then the House Republicans impeached Bill and his penis.

Now you know why the Bush brush clearer, did not fear impeachment.  The lies that led to the murders of a million brown-skinned humans in Iraq, Afpakistan and beyond…do not rise to the level of a Clinton erection.  God-fearing Republicans sure are kinky!

Which brings us to today.  Ken Porn Starr is now the head man at the really religious Baylor University in Waco.  Now as most of you know, only two things used to come from Waco, queers and steers.  These days?  Pick a direction, piss and you’ll hit stupid.

Kenny is just the latest addition to the chapter of bizarreness that is Waco, Texas.

In Waco, you will find Dr. Pepper has an awesome shrine to itself, the ghost of David Koresh and those dead children, lives on in the form of the Waco Tea Party and the other crazy cult leader, who had a different compound in nearby Crawford.

Lets recap.  Clinton-big erection, mess on dress.  Bush-no erection, wishes he had made a mess on a dress.  Baylor University-Ken Porn Starr sans erection.  Waco Tea Party Patriots-has an erection for Obama.

But Vigilant Lens, what is the lesson learned?  Glad you asked patriots!  It is…Stain an intern’s dress with your lying Presidential Seed, face impeachment.  Stain America with your lies, wars, deaths and gifts to the billionaires, face retirement and speaking engagements with a Palin.

As Waco goes, so goes the Homeland.  Ken Porn Starr fucking insane.

Get used to it.

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