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K Street, We have a Problem

February 22, 2010

Trig not being used by mom

K Street and their Congressional employees are not pleased.

They are not pleased because for one, John McCain made this inbred clan, the face of the Republican Party.  And Two…more Americans of the moderate to conservative side of the pretend playing field, are
cluing in.

What exactly the FNG’s are cluing into…remains to be seen.

Evidently, someone spilled the beans to the conservatives at this years CPAC meeting.

Bush…8 years of fucking us, Obama…1 year?  That don’t add up?  War?  It’s really, really, really expensive?  Who knew?  Torture is only torture when an Army General says so…oh?  Wow.  We’re making more enemies/evil doers by, what’s that you say?…killing their babies and friends who shop?  The health care healthscare, is just another giveaway to our former corporatist heroes?  Made up wars?  Expensive for us, but it makes billions for others?  Never ending?  Really?  But, but…what about Saddam?  What about Iran?  I hear they’re behind 9/11?  Obama is blaaaaaccckkkk!!!

Welcome to the big scary world, conservatives.  Ron Paul has gotten to your gray matter, no?

Tell you what, drop the insane racist Teabaggers, Palin, any Fox News teleprompter reader…and maybe we’ll talk.

A united America, is not something the K street Congress or your paranoid Homeland can operate with.

Sleep on it, get back to us.  After the revolution, you can go back to watching ‘Walker, Texas Ranger!’ on VHS and diddling your niece.
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