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Can Tiger Apologize for Everything?

February 19, 2010

So evidently, today’s gihugically important news that must be passed forward via blogs and the old media is…Tiger Woods apologies!

Sure, it’s swell that Tiger has owned up to his shortcomings, why can’t we?

If only President Obama could go on the teevee, apologize to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, the Balkans, Central, South and North America, Cuba, and so on and so forth, for our wars, occupations and various other crimes against them…how proud would Malia and Natasha be!?

Then, the President could have the Mexican Army arrest the CIA, the FBI, every human at the Pentagon above the rank of Colonel…and all of Dick Cheney’s family.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a James Cameron like world, where eventually, Kevin Costner and the rest of us own up to our shortcomings like Tiger, and help the blue Na’vi because it’s the right thing to do.

We live in a Homeland.  Homelands do not right wrongs.

Get over it hippie.

In our Homeland, we fear the shadows of evil doers.  The evil doers who hate our freedoms, our Constitution and our laws.  Of course we’re too stupid to understand that the shadows we see, are our own.

Why do we hate our freedoms so much?

Ask yourself this. Is Dick Cheney free to walk amongst us?  Is he allowed to speak on the teevee box of the glorious Homeland?  Why is that?  The answers to these questions will set you free.  Or get you locked up at GITMO.  And therein lies the problem…

Maybe Tiger could apologize for everything we’ve done?

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