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Blowing Cheney

February 14, 2010

As per usual, your fourth estate as operated by Jonathan Karl and ABC News, blew Dick.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…in fact, five time deferment Dick, thinks sending gay humans to fake wars is okely dokely okay with him!

As the intense Dick probing by Jonathan Karl probed ever deeper, we learned that Dick is not interested in Palin, Saddam is still planning to attack us from the grave, and smoking guns in the shape of mushroom clouds and Valerie Plame might occur.

Dicks oral finished up in an unimpressive, frenzied spewage of old man wisdom seed…which fell harmlessly into his diaper of incontinent  freedom.  Evidently the black man in their White House, by following the Cheney/Bush doctrine almost deed for deed, is somehow endangering all of white humanity.

Why ABC and their Senior Congressional Correspondent did not bring out Jesse Ventura, some rope, a hood, an orange jumpsuit and several gallon jugs of water, upon the first mention by the Dick of enhanced interrogation, is beyond me.  That would have made for some excellent teevee and fantastical ratings…

Stay tuned for the offspring that enabled the Vietnam dodging by the Dick, to hit the airwaves next week!

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