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Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit…

February 12, 2010

Because tomorrow’s the day you have to face.”

Obviously, once again Phil Anselmo, my good friend that I’ve never met, is correct.

Rant on.

Yesterday does in fact, not mean shit.  Everyday since all yesterdays past, have always brought what feels like a whole new level of insane stupidity.

Your corporate owned media, reports only what they hope
you will believe.

Corporations have been getting bailed out in America, long before the Bush/Obama bailouts.  There are bailouts by tax breaks and bailout by wars.  There’s environmental bailouts and bailout by union breaking.  “They’ve” broken you and your comfy middle class, via the willing corporate whores of both Congressional parties.

My apologies to all the hard-working whores I’ve known over the years…comparing Congress to you, cheapens and soils the word.

Yesterday don’t mean shit?  I suppose, if we we’re a nation that actually grasped what happened ‘yesterday.’

The Democrats, who let me remind you sheeple, have such a massive MAJORITY in both houses, they could essentially pass, block, insert and or actually help their constituents out by you know, passing legislation and ending the corporate wars, or some other Socialist agenda thingy.

But blaming the Republicans is much easier, and that slides down “our” passive/aggressive throats with ease.  This is due to intelligent design…we sheeple have little or no gag reflex to speak of.
Thanks deity.

Yesterday, does mean shit when looking beyond our borders.  We can barely behave as adults here in the Homeland as it is.  What morsel of our violent society is it, that we think we ought to be sharing with the world?  You stand a much better chance of being invaded by your local PD or marijuana eradication entity, than some mud hut dwelling human in countries we can’t pronounce.  It’s your creepy uncle or Congresshuman that you ought to be leery of.

We can’t help the world until we can help ourselves.

Yeah, yesterday don’t mean shit…but today is Vigilant Lens rant Friday! and it’s almost done…

‘Yesterday,’ Norm Dicks, HW Bush and friends, created the cluster fuck in Afghanistan.  Norm, the CIA and even dead Charlie Wilson, as played by the lovable Tom Hanks!, are not heroes, they are corporate and power seeking whores.

It’s the economy stupid, was the slogan that helped end Bush I.  Guess what?  It’s still the economy.  It’s still the Mujahideen turned Taliban and or al Qaeda, depending on the CIA.  It’s still corporate America screwing over Teabaggers, liberals, conservatives and the rest of us who fear labels.

You live in a Homeland sheeple.  Let it sink in.

Patriotic slogans, racist Obama signs, Jon Stewart, nor even the dynamic fake duo of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, will actually
change anything.

We the sheeple, the Teabagger’s, the Democrat/GOP humans and progressive wannabe’s, have to face tomorrow together, because yesterday don’t mean shit.

Except when it does.

Rant off.

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