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The Mellencamp Grunge sans Politics Post

February 3, 2010

Better known as the semi monthly, grunge music geekfest, with John Mellencamp thrown in because I can.

And for some much-needed change…the Lens shall endeavor to barely speak a political word.

The latest Soundgarden news is the same as the old Soundgarden news, “it” is still on.

A garden tune

Grunge and geekfests scream Seattle.  So screaming of Seattle, Alice in Chains is set to return for two shows at the Paramount.  Tickets are probably gone, but go here, read and think about Layne.

A chains tune

John Mellencamp has no known connection to Kim Thayil that I am aware of.  An argument for a universal sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, religion and a hometown love affair connection, could be made.

Having spent some years in Mellencamp country, one might wonder where the Vigilant Lens and its fiercely independent to a fault streak, comes from.  It comes from music, Indiana, high fructose corn syrup, Michigan, the great Pacific Northwest and several other states that shall remain financially devastated by the Bush Depression, for years to come!

Whoa!  Was that political?  My bad.

Old schools, humans and a Mellencamp tune.

Y’all have a fine Air Force evening.
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