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Accidents Happen

January 25, 2010

Accident Number One.
Art lovers have no sense of balance.  I can say this with complete metaphysical certitude.

Accident Number Two
Afghanistan is to Pakistan as Iraq is to Texas.  These accidents were also caused by clumsy art lovers who have no sense of balance.  The art lovers in the Pentagon and Raytheonblackwaterboeingthon, tripped and ripped the Middle East Picasso almost ten years ago.  While rumors persist, no firm date is known to exist in fixing this rip.

Accident Number Three
National Parks can has importanze. According to Macho Man Randy Savage, studies are underway, trends are trending and most would agree, that the teaming up of Congress, Parks and the Department of Energy, does indeed make three…and will only lead to someplace being invaded, conquered and occupied.

Be that as it may, this publicly funded cage match for the Intercontinental Belt of public fund-age, will get underway on pay per view this Valentines Day!  The winner takes all and gets to declare their Manhattan Project site, worthy of becoming a National Park.

In keeping with the Manhattan Project and its secretive ways of yesteryear, how any of this pertains to clumsy art lovers who lack balance, beats the shit out of me.

OOoooooh Yeaaaaahhh!!

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