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SCOTUS Phuktus

January 22, 2010

Oh come on people!  How many of you actually thought things like Democracy and apple pie pragmatism still occurred in this, our corporate nation?

So the Supreme Court of the United States phuktus fucked us.  You were expecting Justice Scalia to hang around afterwords and hold you?  Get a life Nancy, this is just business.

Sure corporations have gotten around campaign-finance just fine before yesterday’s ruling.  But now, now my fellow Homelandians, they’ve gone and said it “out loud” and made election buying and politician purchasing…perfectly normal, perfectly natural and perfectly perfect!

Go here for some in-depth reportage on the matter.  Stay here for far shallower reportage.

If life were actually like a James Cameron film, many Americans would now be experiencing that rare moment of clarity that only occurs in James’ movies, where everyone finally gets it.  The collective aha! moment, has just hit Tea Baggers, end of lifers, Trig Palin and 72% of the sleepy mainstream Republican types, better known as Democrats.

As an added bonus to your aha! moment, Kevin Costner will appear shortly with some big blue aliens to save us from ourselves.

Cue music.

Long story shortened for our shortened attention spans, the corporate hand job handed out by Antonin Scalia and his oiled up friends, is not a new phenomenon.  The sudden surge in overly concerned and outraged teevee watchers to the SCOTUS Phuktus ruling, is admirable, but much too late.

We had our chances to make things better, before Bush started the Christian Jihad on Democracy and brown-skinned humans.  There was time, before his Patriot Acts and his torture.  WTO in Clinton’s day, was not about breaking windows, it was about your job and trying to keep the corporate take over from occurring.

There are many examples and moments in time, when we had our shot.  We can’t get those moments back.

We failed.  All of us.  From the Tea Baggers to the Black Blocers.  This is the change, get used to it.

So remember Homelandians, the sweat equity and toil of slaves and illegal Chinese immigrants, followed later by Guatemalans, built America.  The Corporatists just buried them as they died.

Happy Friday everybody!  I’m spending the day looking for a corporate sponsor.  The Vigilant Lens, brought to you by Vagisil and Boeing!

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