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The Massachusetts Massapalooza!

January 19, 2010

Ohhhh the horror.  The outrage!  HealthScare will now die a horrific Canadian and or death by Palin death panel, because Scotty Brown took the Bay Statah’s by storm!

Unfortunately for the Democrats, there are a few of us who know of their mysterious, almost secretive majority in both houses.

If you find yourself…

  1. without a job
  2. without health, auto, home, RV or dental insurance
  3. without a home, auto, RV, teeth or health worth insuring
  4. being tortured to death by a CIA agent with an erection
  5. bombing kids, women and the occasional Talibani evil doer from the comfort of your chair at Creech AFB. or McLean, Virginia
  6. on your 5th or 6th deployment

Then go ahead and blame the Democrats.

That noise you hear tonight is not a dead Kennedy rolling in his grave…it’s the party at the C Street House in DC.

It sucks to be Chuck Norris and it also sucks to find out that we don’t actually have a two-party system.

Now what y’all gonna do about it?

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