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The New Yorker Asks…

December 24, 2009

10 questions of you, myself and or some other human in a position to answer them.  These 10 questions are called Unsolved “Mysteries” in the War on Terror.

Sure in the end…the author just want’s us to think about these unanswered questions.  But we’ve proven time and time again, that we’re not a nation filled with deep thinkers.

So in doing my fair share of not thinking too deeply, the answers to the New Yorker’s questions are as follows.

  1. Did Cheney know?  Did he watch?  Yes and yes.
  2. Did Bush Know?  Waterboarding too much, was that an issue?  Did the CIA kill POW’s?  Did Bush have any reaction?  Yes, yes, yes and pull my finger.
  3. 92 CIA torture tapes destroyed, were they of poor quality?  Were there any notes taken?  Crimes?  Obstruction?  Who?  No, sure, yes, yes, Liz Cheney.
  4. Where are the missing/renditioned/tortured CIA black site POW’s?  Dead and or Palau.
  5. Who drug POW’s around by their testicles?  Secret hit squads?  When did Congressman Norm Dicks know?  Who else yanked on POW testicles?  Prison or the Hague for Dicks?  Blackwater/CIA/Mitchell and Jessen, yes, 1979, Hayden and Rumsfeld, sure.  But it’ll never happen.
  6. Torture gives quality information?  Could have just asked? Will the public ever know?  Fucking please, maybe, wtf are you smoking Jane?
  7. David Addington and John Yoo…traitorous cowards?  Are many lawyers lying cowards?  Consequences?  DOJ prosecutions?  Yes, obviously, jobs at Justice, not in this lifetime.
  8. Psycho psychologists Mitchell and Jessen?  Consequences?  They say they ‘are is’ innocent?  Guilty, possibly, honky please.
  9. Fake yellowcake documents? Who, why? Yes, John Bolton, George Tenet and Emeril Lagasse and because they wanted to.
  10. Who finances terror?  Does the secret U.S. intelligence budget play a role?  Blowing up babies via drones/secret torture prisons, you bet your ass.
  • Bonus question…where in the world is Osama bin you know who?  A fabulous island vacation rental, sipping Bloody Marys with Bush Sr. and Michael Hayden?

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